About Molly

I am passionate about helping individuals and families mark the sacred transitions and milestones of their lives with rituals and ceremonies that are unique reflections of their personal stories and in harmony with their personal philosophies.  As a ceremony specialist and ritual artist, I bring my speaking, writing, and deep listening skills to work with clients with respect, commitment and compassion.

Molly Mele life cycle celebrant

For the past thirty years working in the health field as an RN, Holistic Health Coach and a Spiritual Care Provider, I have been privileged to witness and participate in the variety of human dramas, traumas, and triumphs.  I have been present at births, deaths diagnoses, life changing decisions, painful treatments, family reconciliations and unravelings, joyous recoveries and deep spiritual unfolding.  I have been involved with a large variety of cultural, spiritual and health beliefs and have advocated for clients with widely divergent world views.  I have always felt humbled and awed to be privy to the most intimate moments of people’s lives and have enjoyed sharing in their unique expressions of tears, fears, joys and sorrows.

As an interfaith Spiritual Care volunteer in medical settings during the last 10 years, I have prayed prayers of many faiths and held the sacred space of transition for individuals and entire families.  I have performed naming ceremonies, memorials, and many blessing ceremonies for healing of mind, body and spirit.  In my heart I have gathered a deep reverence for the diversity of expression and manifestation that is the human experience.  I have seen how the telling and honoring of one’s story can bring joy and healing.

My training with the Celebrant Foundation & Institute cultivated this sacred witness role in a more formal way.  I have a Master’s Degree in Health Science, a California Public Health Certification and am a Continuing Education Provider for the California Board of Registered Nursing.  I bring the combined educational, work and life experiences of all of these to serve in my capacity as a Life-Cycle Celebrant.  This is my Soul’s work.


American Holistic Nurses Association

California Board of Registered Nursing

Celebrant Foundation & Institute

National Meditation Specialist Certification Board

Paradise Community Wellness Connection (Founding Board Member)