Funeral & Memorials

Each life is a work of art.  A Celebrant funeral, memorial, or Celebration of Life ceremony honors the individual’s particular life story and no two stories are alike.  During a personal meeting with family member(s) I will learn about your deceased loved one’s personality, passions, history, pursuits and spirit.  Through interviews and questionnaires family members share their memories and talk about the impact the deceased had on their life.  I take this background information and weave a tapestry that tells a story that is a true representation of your loved one’s life, beliefs, culture, ethnicity and journey.  I will be pleased to speak with other family members and friends if called upon to do so.

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I will give you a rough draft ahead of time to confirm the accuracy of each detail and to make sure the entire ceremony is a reflection of your loved one’s character and your wishes.  I want all who come to the ceremony to be nourished and supported.  With your direct guidance and full participation , I will choose the most meaningful readings, music, poetry, photographs, and memorabilia, as requested.

I will write an authentic, personal biography or eulogy and you will have complete approval of the eulogy prior to the service.  I will officiate at the ceremony at the location of your choice: funeral home, crematorium, cemetery, private home, or a special memorial location.  Throughout the process I will co-ordinate with the Funeral Director to make sure that the ceremony is a life-affirming tribute that fulfills the needs of the family and honors the legacy of the deceased.

After the ceremony, I will send you a beautiful keepsake copy of the eulogy for your family to treasure along with all of your memories.

As a Certified Funeral Celebrant, I am educated in multi-cultural and comparative religious rites and rituals.  My years in health care have made me familiar with the intricacies of end-of-life issues and compassionate about designing a ceremony that will be intimate and real and will honor  the life of your beloved.